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Avocado Oil - 4 oz.
I had originally purchased this product for my hair. I used this product as a body moisturizer as by divine design. I'm thankful for using it on my skin! It is wonderful!! My skin is better then it has ever been and just after three days of use. My skin is soft supple and stays moisturized all day. I do have some extra dry skin areas on my legs but each day they absorb and retain the moisture better and better. Awesome product for hair and skin. In addition, I think the added benefit of this formula having Vitamin E makes it a little more rich and luxe.
Energizer™ Hair Nutrition Vitamins
Awesome product!! I have been using these vitamins for over a decade now and never had one issue with them. My hair is naturally thick and long and grows easily BUT this vitamins aids in that. You have to take it consistently to see results. After having my twin boys this past summer, my hair began to thin out and as I started back taking these vitamins, it went back to normal in less than a month. Love it! A must try!
01/03/2016Liana F.