Energizer™ Hot Jojoba Oil Hair Treatment

Energizer™ Hot Jojoba Oil Hair Treatment

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Easy to use once or twice a week, simply place a tube of oil in a cup of hot water or under hot running tap water and apply to damp hair. Leave in for 60-90 seconds, then shampoo and rinse. It’s that simple!

Jojoba Oil: has been used for centuries as a deep moisturizer for hair and scalp. Lightly coats the hair shaft and helps break up sebum build up on the scalp.

Rosemary Extract: stimulates circulation while strengthening and revitalizing hair.

Vitamin A and E: nourishes each strand of fine, brittle, or over-processed hair with antioxidant protection.

Contains no artificial colors or inexpensive oil fillers.

(3) 0.5 oz. Tubes

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